Watching the puffy white clouds slowly drift by above my messy blue hair, I held my sleeved hand against my cold, pale cheek as I remained silent. Surprisingly, my mind was not focused on ripping and spilling the flesh and blood of the yin and yang Pokémon. To be honest, I know myself more than anyone and that fact alone left me overawed but I am still able to retain my dull composure. I am not the one who would lie to myself but at the same time I hate telling the truth. But, I must admit, my mindset was still stuck on that weird mechanical Pokémon I met some time ago. 

It was not too long ago, while in reality our encounter took place a few hours ago. I left her alone— with all her kinks and glitches— I don’t care. I don’t my life to be intertwined with hers. Her disembodied voice was too irritating in my ears, constantly repeating simple words over and over again without end. I hated it and I think I can truly say I think I can slice some of my own hate for her.